The jet lag situation

Yesterday I was up at 8am (slept about 5 hours), and happily nested about (doing like 5 loads of laundry and two errands to the grocery store) while the kids A) Sort of slept through the night B) additional to sleeping all night slept all day too and woke up at 4pm. Then last night absolute 0 sleep for all 3 of us. I got a load of computer work done and at 5am we all had tea time and had this idea to do yoga on the deck and see the sunrise (which we never get to do because we sleep through that LOL). This idea was aborted in two minutes with my statement ‘it’s probably too cold outside’ and I was doing yoga anyways in my mind (which according to Brian quoting some scientist is in fact has the similar physiological affect as real yoga). I dropped into that deeper sleep brain state around 6am and on the back burner I could hear and sense the kids fixing food etc then finally all quiet, everyone passed out. I woke up at 10am. My greatest achievement today so far is moving Brian’s car on time to avoid a parking ticket. Yay !

How can you beat jet-lag?

> be patient. with time given your body will adjust

> trust your body. this will create an ease of mind and makes jet lag more bearable 

> use your sleepless night owl hours CREATIVELY. Instead of mindlessly browsing the internet, use your hours creatively. If you are an artist dedicate this time to art, creative writing, or even clock in some work hours taking care of important business matters if your creative expression is work

> if your nervous system is taxed by jet lag breathe SLOWLY and deeply. feel for connecting to down regulating type of breathing, avoid robotic repetitive breath. I'm talking about connecting to nourishing IAP breath that charges and soothes your nervous system 

> meditate and use mindfulness practice. this goes hand in hand with breathing deeply :) 

> take supplements. I just posted about CORDYCEPS on my instagram feed. Miracle mushrooms such as cordyceps help regulate your sleep patterns and give you a boost without the harmful side effects of coffee 

Szilvia Campbell