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Invoke Fiery Creativity + Unstoppable Flow

2.5 Hour Forrest Yoga + Manifestation Workshop with the Volcanos

Inside every one of us lives a little volcano. A place of unstoppable creativity and passionate flow. An epicenter of regenerative power and tectonic energy that can incite a whole new era of growth. Deep in our root lives a fire that is capable of melting the old paradigms, even those that seem solid as stone.

When we feed our little volcanoes our hardest obstacles can be transmuted. The event will act like tinder to your creative spark, igniting the depths of passionate ingenuity and creating a tide of exuberant manifestation that can bring change as swift as lava flow.  You will leave this event as a fiery powerhouse for kindling visionary epiphanies and profoundly creative gusto.

Join the  Volcanos as we guide you into a deep and powerful meditation, lead you in a sweaty yoga practice and teach you new manifestation techniques to add to your cosmic toolbox.

Bring a symbol of what you want to bring more of into your life. (feathers for ease and freedom, gems for deep inspiration, plants for growth, food for abundance, fertility goddesses for fertility, get creative! ) AND please bring some delicious food to share afterwards.

Wear clothes that bring out your inner sorceress or wizard and make you feel magical as fuck. Get colorful, get weird. 

Earlier Event: February 23
Therapeutic Hour with Szilvia