About Me


The path of a teacher

Born and raised in Hungary, as a freshly graduated young adult I found my landing in Los Angeles, California following my passion to pursue a deeper learning and understanding of the human body, its exciting potentials and my budding love and deepening commitment to my husband to be, Forrest Yoga guardian Brian Campbell. 

I enrolled in massage school and bid ‘adieu’ to the number pushing business world. I pursued a new path of becoming a stay at home mom as new-fangled US immigrant. I found great joy in taking part in our kids education as a coop-mom and volunteering in various forms of fundraising and volunteer coordinating activities. My life started to fill with meaning and a rich tapestry of experience. 

But my ‘inner blooming’ really started a bit later when I entered the ‘path of teacher’ in 2011. During a Forrest Yoga Foundational TT’s morning intensives, Ana Forrest came up to me during a savasana assist and invited me to her next training in Texas. 

As this call was in alignment with my heart’s call I answered it and completed the month long training, furthermore pledged to mend the hoop of people. 

No words can measure my experience and all the empowerment I've received through Forrest yoga; both as practitioner and teacher. 4 years of teaching-practice later I enrolled and completed the FYATT (advanced training) with Ana. During those years I worked at various studios all over Los Angeles, gained lots of experience working with one on one clients and introduced Forrest Yoga at a local educational convention (Play Matters Conference) with the goal of bringing yoga-education to preschool aged children, lead a training at a preschool, completed a kids yoga teacher training and started to develop a yoga program at our children’s elementary school as a volunteer parent. 

In 2014 I left the ‘corporate’ yoga world and opened up my home studio in Palms, Los Angeles where to this day, the focus is to deliver quality movement exercise, community, with innovative and therapeutic approach in my ‘backyard jungle’ filled with rare exotic plants and hummingbirds.

Currently I am also deep in studying the connection of nervous system regulation, pelvic floor functions and disfunctions both in my self and many women who come to me and I get to meet through my studies.

From 2016 to the beginning of 2019 I also became Forrest Yoga’s Assisting Program manager and helped staffing all of my teacher’s training and events world-wide. While I really enjoyed my job, it was time for this bird to open her wings and fly; I’m currently preparing a fun and beauty filled teaching ‘World Tour’ , some of it solo and big part of it co-taught with my French/UK colleague Charlie Speller, in the form of our 4 day Pelvic Floor CETs around the world.

I enjoy this crazy beautiful life, juggling and balancing family, fun, travel, learning, love, teaching and passion.

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