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'Beam up the Pelvic Floor' - Las Vegas Workshops

This workshop is a tasty sample and result of 17+ years of investigatory work of senior Forrest Yoga teacher Szilvia. Szilvia learnt empowerment through her 19 years of Forrest Yoga practice (through 2 pregnancies:) and gained insight on reproductive health through her intuitive self investigation, self exam group classes, yoga practice, dance practice and sensual embodiment self love practices. Szilvia completed the 'Ecstatic Body training' in Los Angeles with master teacher Pamela Samuelson and opened up a private bodywork practice that focuses on holistic pelvic floor health (see her offerings below) . In her yoga ceremonies Szilvia works with her indigenous Turanian (Eastern European/Central Asian) ways and offers songs on her native tongue. 

I want womxn owning their pelvic floor, identifying their needs and speak their truth.

All classes are yoga ceremonies (morning), focusing on the female pelvic floor and her connections, combined with learning to create connection on both intellectual and physical/visceral level. We will be cleansing the area, free from past stories, filling up our pelvis with new exciting stories. You will learn that addressing the pelvic floor positively affects your structure, life functions and healthy nervous system operation through working with your self and others.  

Saturday am:  Injury circle/setting intent for the weekend > ceremony > Forrest yoga inspired asana practice

Saturday pm: lecture (anatomy), partner work (including touch), process work (movement+meditation) 

Sunday am: yoga ceremony > Forrest Yoga inspired asana practice 

Sunday pm: process work, lecture, partner work, closing circle (Q&A included)