Yoga Hour in Our Urban Jungle

These ongoing all-level classes are short enough to fit in your busy schedule yet long enough to leave you feeling energetically 'turned on'. My classes help you connect to feeling, aligned, physically/emotionally strong and supported in your joints. I create sequences  'custom made to the group' that shows up to practice, ready to shift their inner states. 


Tailored to everybody

These 1 hour long, all level therapeutic classes are designed to fit in your busy life, address your needs and leave you feel invigorated, bubbling with life-force and space in your joints, strength in your body and peace in your mind; the foundation of good health !

This class does not follow a 'one size fits all' track, but addresses the need of the students. Szilvia teaches to the level and need of students who are present ! Please note we need a minimum of 4 sign ups 24 hour before class in order to run the class. Drop ins welcome !   

upcoming classes 


See what students have to say about working with Szilvia

“I’m fairly new to yoga, trying to catch a class here and there until I signed up for Szilvia’s class, and am a yoga addict ever since.
Szilvia makes it fun and efficient at the same time, she explains not only the “how”, but also the “why” and the effect of different poses. The other day I almost cancelled a class since I was in pain and felt like crawling up on the sofa rather than bending around on the floor (I was dealing with cramps for 3 days). I pulled myself up and went, and 60 minutes later I left her studio pain free.”
There are many studios and teachers out there, and it can be try and error until you find the “right” one. For those still looking, I wholeheartedly recommend to come to one of Szilvia’s classes!
— Reni- L.A.
“Szilvia Campbell teaches a yoga class filled with breath, howls, and laughter. Class is a warm space where you can let it all hang out with self acceptance. She helps you learn to have fun and enjoy challenges by reorienting how your mind judges how you think you feel. For example, she encourages you to reconsider discomfort and pain in the hips and helps you instead turn that into bright churning life energy that fuels you for the entire day. She teaches her students to relish moments of relaxation or pleasure, and loves using fanciful images like that of a hummingbird sipping up sweetness. Szilvia has a devoted following of women, and is a tremendous role model to us all. As a modern woman, she is a skilled juggler. She does it in front of us all with grace, deliberateness, and beauty. She shares her life with her community so that we all can live our lives a little better. I recommend Szilvia to anyone feeling overwhelmed. Her class constantly reminds me how to honor my femininity in today’s fast-paced and competitive world, but stay joyful, grounded and resourceful.”
— J Bramen PhD (L.A.)

Private Sessions 

“I have been Szilvia’s student for well over half a year. In that time she has helped me deepen and develop a yoga practice that far exceeds anything I could have imagined. From my very first class with her, yoga has become an integral part of my life like never before. Through our sessions together Szilvia has shown me that yoga is much more than a physical practice with state of mind being equally, if not more, important. Every session she checks in with my mental and emotional state in order to better help me set an intention and tailor the class to my needs at the given time; sometimes I feel like she’s both a therapist and yoga teacher! No matter how I feel when I arrive at her cozy home studio I always leave feeling invigorated, yet very relaxed; in another word: amazing! With Szilvia’s guidance I’ve been able to substantially silence my inner critic, instead replacing it with a ‘cheerleader’ that serves as strength and support in my every day life. The experience of working with her has been a blessing; I’m truly lucky to have Szilvia in my life!” –A.Chritian (San Clemente)

”Doing private sessions with Szilvia has accelerated my yoga practice by 10 years.
My understanding of the subtle movements that I had never experienced has increased. My body feels so much more alive and out of pain and struggle. And that emergency feeling, a fear-based panic is starting to diminish. I am building a better foundation now than I have been all the times I’ve been doing practice. And at times ... Gathering the full understanding of a pose properly is actually easier then my misunderstood attempt.
I am quite amazed. It is so worth it to be doing these privates as a supplement to my regular classes. I am so happy to have given that a try. I would have never known. ThkU ThkU ThkU Szilvia for your compassion, patience, gentleness, knowledge, guidance & love. Much affection & appreciation.” - Tracy Ray (TreeHouseVenice)