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classes& workshops

Are you ready to go deeper? To soar higher?

-If you got the motivation and commitment to evolve

my classes are for you!-


community donation based group casses

All levels and abilities are welcome to Szilvia’s classes! These practices with their versatile and evolutionary sequencing promise to address the majority of students' needs, under experienced and caring senior teacher's guidance. Yoga that works with your body’s needs, leaves you feel invigorated and charged, in an awesome ‘like minded’ community ! Class days and times - varies, depending on when I’m in town and what is going on in my schedule. Please see my calendar for upcoming classes.

functional movement assessment: one on one work with Szilvia

I will watch you breathe, move and help you connect to new patterns in your body to improve all systematic functions ! Session length: 1hour, 90minutes or 2 hours. If you would like a personalized movement (home)practice please book 90minutes or 2hours. $100/hour

written Testimonials..

“My pelvic floor sessions with Szilvia have been out of this world. Literally. I went in with only the knowledge that my pelvic floor needs some TLC. What I’ve come out of our sessions with is a deep knowledge and understanding of my own body, freedom from traumas I was holding onto, liberation from my own limiting beliefs, and so much more. I have a connection to my body that I didn’t know I was missing. Szilvia is an excellent and warm hearted healer. She made me feel absolutely at home and helped me get to a place where I was ready to let go of things that weren’t serving me. Along with helping me understand and begin the much needed healing process to my pelvic floor. These sessions ended up being exactly what I needed in a time where I was feeling out of focus and small. Her work was a solid foundation to help me gain the confidence to be completely myself and helped me find out that it all begins in my womb. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I consider her a powerful healer, therapist, spiritual guide, and friend.” - Jenn (L.A.)
“Szilvia is amazingly empathetic and takes the time to check in and discover each client’s personal needs. She treats yoga as a healing and holistic practice, carefully communicating the theme of each session and describing what experiences to expect in terms of physical challenges and feelings, all while prioritizing health. Szilvia was my first experience getting into yoga and I felt welcomed and compatible from day one. Anyone who takes a class with her is in for a real treat!”
— Libby (L.A.)
“After 20 years of yoga, I have started learning the practice of Forrest yoga with Szilvia. My neck,
shoulder, and hips have felt like they were made of rock. After todays practice, I felt as if the rock
had been shattered and my very own healthy shoulders have started to emerge! Szilvia’s teaching 
is bringing the yoga back inside the body where the healing really happens..”
— Alyssa (L.A.)
“Szilvia is a phenomenal teacher who has changed my life! Working with Szilvia privately once a week allowed me to gain so much more from the group classes I also attended. Within a year, I transformed from someone fearful of movement and suffering disc pain, to a confident yogini, even attending a rigorous weeklong yoga retreat. I found that I regularly experienced “breakthrough” moments in my sessions with her that brought me to a new level of ability or insight physically, emotionally, or pyschologically.
I cannot recommend Szilvia highly enough. Treat yourself to a package of sessions with her...and you may find, like me, that the “treat” becomes a major commitment you find yourself eagerly renewing for months or years to come as it continually supports your physical and personal growth!”
— Sara S.L. (L.A.)

one on one sessions are held in my studio in west l.a. and in Santa Monica

to book a session email me