Love notes from me a.k.a. the Beauty and Value of private sessions

Last week the topic in my yoga room (group classes) and healing sanctuary (private students and pelvic floor clients) was BREAKING FREE. In my shamanic pelvic floor sessions CONNECTION plays a huge role. We create a nurturing and TRUSTING space through nurturing human interaction and I ask the helping spirits of healing to guide me into giving my clients what they need in that session. I also pray that I step out of my own โ€˜controllingโ€™ ways because the session is not about Me it is about my Client/Student. I carefully observe my person when they talk during the check in session. Talking is a way of connecting but there is a deeper communication that happens between bodies, an energetic one. When I was working with a pelvic floor client this past week I noticed tension patterns around her neck and shoulders. I look at these patterns of ways people weaken their power or cut off their power and my goal as a Healer is to help them identify, feel and BREAK FREE. Breaking free is an ongoing CHOICE we have to make. It must be ongoing, maybe even a daily choice because in order to rewire the nervous system we need a repetition of new healthy & functioning patterns.

Szilvia Campbell