Pelvic Floor Work

 The Micro and Macro World of the Pelvic Floor

With Szilvia Campbell & Charlie Speller

OVERVIEW A 4-day Forrest Yoga Inspired Continuing Education for Teachers (CET) and yoga practitioners wanting to know more about the female Pelvic Floor—it’s function, dysfunction and relationship to the emotional body.

ABOUT THE COURSE This course is a yoga practitioner’s 101 on the Pelvic floor. Taught over four days, you will experience 4 morning asana practices that have been specifically designed to build your deep awareness of the Pelvic Floor. You will learn powerful breathing techniques for pelvic floor health, feel the healing asana, FEEL & MAKE CONNECTIONS in your body, and experience Szilvia and Charlie’s beautiful approach to ceremony.

Each afternoon is dedicated to learning more about the pelvic floor Sessions include: 💦how to maintain health and bring the pelvic floor back to health. 💦Basic anatomy of the Pelvic Floor in relation to your whole body 💦The use of quality touch, bodywork and essential oils 💦Yoga poses and hands on assist training 💦Yoga and bodywork for healing specific conditions such as, incontinence, prolapse and the effects of menopause. 💦The emotional pelvis and working energetically for healing


Yoga teachers who teach women! This course is particularly great for teachers whose students have reached or are approaching menopause, who have experienced organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic floor surgery (including hysterectomy and cesarean) and those who have a difficult relationship with feeling grounded or sensual.  

Yoga practitioners who want to develop a stronger connection and understanding to their own Pelvic Floor. This course is especially great for those who want to feel grounded, sensual and comfortable in their own power.

PRICING There is a sliding price structure for this course. We invite you to pay what you can afford, between USD 450 - USD 650. We are totally happy for you to pay in installments, we ask for a USD 200 non-refundable deposit as the first installment.

IMPORTANT INFO & T&Cs This is the first time that we are running this training. We need to hit a minimum number of participants for it to work. As soon as we hit our minimum number, we'll let you know. We recommend that you wait until we give the green light before you book any travel or accommodation. Our cut off for our minimum number is August 22nd, 2019. If for any reason the training doesn't go ahead, we will refund you. 

MORE ABOUT CHARLIE & SZILVI We met 7 years ago during our Forrest Yoga Foundational Teacher training in Houston, Texas. We both ended up working and gaining tremendous *life* experience working with women and has gotten many years of experiential learning on how to address and improve pelvic floor related issues not only for our students but within our body experience too! Learn more about Charlie

One on one work: Holistic pelvic floor care package

You will be given a custom made movement protocol along with hands on work, scar tissue work (depends on need and readiness). We will spend our time together in the most efficient way to create optimum healing and connection; our time includes talk, movement pattern assessment and hands on adjustments. First session is 2 hours long, rest of sessions 90minutes minimum. $100/hour

one on one work: pelvic floor bodywork

Hands on bodywork with Szilvia to improve pelvic floor function. Depending on what you need, there is space for talk, assessment (I will hold space for you, watching breath and body patterns), touch (myofascial and scar tissue work if needed)and together we will team up to 'unfurl your wings'. First session is 2 hours long, rest 90minutes :) $100/hour

New special!! Metamorphosis: private 5 session package; a combination of zoom/in person or fully online yoga bodywork coaching with Szilvia

Five session package (2x 90minutes and 3x1 hour) for $500!! + free 30minute consultation*

Sessions include:  🌺 first session: check in - getting to know your pelvic floor story/your needs 🌺 hands on myofascial bodywork that targets pelvic floor health; finding where your unique tension spots are 🌺 downregulating the nervous system through opening up the vagal nerve channel 🌺 pelvic floor mapping (tone, tension vs lack of tone) 🌺 scar tissue work 🌺 giving you a unique set of customized exercises to create lasting pelvic health

These sessions are GREAT for everyone with vulvas ! ⚡️those recovering from birth (regular birth, traumatic birth, C-section) ⚡️Sexual traumas ⚡️Disassociation ⚡️pelvic floor imbalances⚡️prolapse ⚡️issues from scar tissue ⚡️experiencing low libido⚡️Numbing tingling⚡️Feeling that they don’t live up to their brightest potential ⚡️Not feeling empowered ⚡️Feeling already wholesome in their pelvis but ready to learn new insights and practice “let go”

Step 1: complete Client Intake Form 

Step 2: Szilvia will contact you to schedule your free 30minute call - receive this gift with no commitment to book the package

Step 3: Your Transformational plan will be CUSTOMIZED in conversation with you 

Step 4: getting your work done through in person sessions, online check ins/coaching (cooching:) & live/zoom yoga sessions 

Total 6 hours one on one contact time (in person and online) with senior Forrest Yoga teacher, shamanic healer and pelvic floor specialist Szilvia. International clients: your bodywork sessions may be booked when i’m traveling, teaching workshops around the Globe or come see me in Los Angeles !!! (great excuse for an adventure)  

️ Bodywork Client Testimonial ️

“My pelvic floor sessions with Szilvia have been out of this world. Literally. I went in with only the knowledge that my pelvic floor needs some TLC. What I’ve come out of our sessions with is a deep knowledge and understanding of my own body, freedom from traumas I was holding onto, liberation from my own limiting beliefs, and so much more. I have a connection to my body that I didn’t know I was missing. Szilvia is an excellent and warm hearted healer. She made me feel absolutely at home and helped me get to a place where I was ready to let go of things that weren’t serving me. Along with helping me understand and begin the much needed healing process to my pelvic floor. These sessions ended up being exactly what I needed in a time where I was feeling out of focus and small. Her work was a solid foundation to help me gain the confidence to be completely myself and helped me find out that it all begins in my womb. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I consider her a powerful healer, therapist, spiritual guide, and friend.” - Jenn (L.A.)

*limited time offer, book and pay in full by July 11

“I have known Szilvia since 2007 but its only in the last year that I truly committed to my evolution and to getting myself to practice twice a week. I had some time on a Sunday and went to the pelvic floor class, a Two Hour Ceremony, not a class! As women, we carry a ton of guilt, shame and fear in our Sacral Space, not just our own but all our ancestors, sisters, mothers, daughters.... I could feel the layers peeling away. I shed tears, I got angry, I screamed and I laughed. This my be TMI, but I literally had a cyst full of puss and blood Monday morning directly on the pelvis muscle we were tightening and releasing. It popped that afternoon and it’s gone, FYI. This work, and its work! It’s not easy, but when you bust through ladies, ITS HUGE! I cannot recommend this class enough. I can’t wait for the next one! It’s time ladies! OUR POWER IS IN OUR SACRAL SPACE! LET’S GET IT FLOWING! I could not even do warrior one when I started, now I AM A WARRIOR! I love you Szilvia!”
— Diane Hansen, Certified CranioSacral Therapist Author, Those are MY Private Parts