After proudly prepping myself a beautiful bountiful mediterranean salad bowl - feeling proud of nurturing myself- I took Brian's evening Forrest Yoga class in our studio last night. Forrest Yoga is a self nurturing practice, and Brian's class was a masterfully sequenced, sweet backbending class. He added a beautiful intent to feel as if we were plants and trees, wherever we connected with the earth we instantly grew roots, receiving nourishment. For example in bridge pose receiving charge through the feet, through the upper back, mid back and the skull (wherever our body met the earth). I love when he teaches with such a beautiful intent! In the midst of all this beauty I found myself not feeling it to the fullest because I was conversing with my shadows. The inner 'attitude' of denying 'good stuff' from myself, blocking the art of self nourishment. TODAY I found myself in a powerfully strong 'Fuck it' mode. (Sometimes saying 'Fuck Everything' can be very healing LOL). I have been denying 'treats' from myself for a few weeks now (I replaced 'I avoid processed sugar' with 'I smother things with honey because honey is healthier' LOL). I called myself on this bullshit. And I had a breakthrough. I had two small pieces of baklava (noticed I did not overdo it!!) and I enjoyed the fuck out of it. And I told myself 'Oh my gosh, this baklava is so good'. Than I had this really good looking treat from the Korean bakery (it was really NOT packed with sugar but it was a treat I would have denied from myself). And I paid attention to my body. My body said She did not like that one. Just for the record I WILL NOT PIG OUT on bad candy but I won't deny treats from myself anymore!! Today I feel liberated and just one step closer to being in Self Nourishment mode! 

Szilvia Campbell