Anger is not only healthy but is a Mighty Teacher

Experiencing Anger is HEALTHY in a healthy amount. Not experiencing anger is NOT healthy and too much of it is not healthy either. To me feeling angry was a sign of Healing after a series of Life Shock events and I still feel once in a while bubbling up. And I welcome Her with open arms. How can anger be healthy? It is energy. When unexpressed, for example instead of letting it out and be heard, we ‘saccharin zen’ it out; instead of successfully moving it we suppress it, trying to use some kind of technique to ‘meditate it out’ of the body. In truth it is a primal energy which we need to experience and move through accessing and awakening our primal animalistic bodies. Anger teaches us to survive, to set, communicate and protect our territories (our SELF, kids, life, emotions, heart, personal energy, people/things/causes that are important to us). When you don’t express anger it may cause big problems, clogging your energetic arteries, creating a toxic stagnant puddle. To work with Great Teacher Anger I suggest you do the following:

⚡️In general (you don’t have to be angry to do this) Check in with your feelings. Truly deeply honestly sit with your feelings. Identify what feelings belong to you and what is someone else’s. This is an important practice specially if you are an empath !!! Forrest Yoga is a great way to check in with your feelings but other somatic psychology modalities/therapies are great way to do this too. (you will get access to WAAYYY more than just anger; you will be gifted an overview of ALL of YOUR LIFE PATTERNS when you decide and ready to do forrest yoga with me or another qualified/experienced teacher). 

⚡️When you feel angry - this is the most important piece here - move it ! You can pick up a shoe or flip flop and toss it . Or go axe throwing (in a place designed to do it). The most important is safety. You are safe, others are safe. You may vocalize it. You don’t harm others but give yourself, give the ENERGY of anger a way to move. Through moving this energy, it becomes accessible energy to YOU. You can free up and liberate yourself.

⚡️If you are unable to FEEL IT at all; give yourself time, no point in pushing it. Access your nervous system through mindfulness practice, movement, breath work and forrest yoga. Watch and support your regulation patterns, receive bodywork (caring loving and safe touch that gives your deep system permission to feel and release). The important piece is that we are not ‘hunting anger’, we just let Her move through our body when she’s around to teach us some lessons in Life. 

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Szilvia Campbell